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Allow Me to Be a Little Bit Vulnerable for a Minute…

On my hitting a Hurdle when it comes to my Skills

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Re-thinking My Current Design Skill Base

Sometimes, today, I still feel these past insecurities, but I know that my strengths lie in being able to spot usability problems, sketch ideas, gather research from users, distill it and revisit my sketches to engineer a better user experience. Crafting sleek, flashy final Interface designs as the final steps of the UX design process has always been an evolving process for me.

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And, yes, my habit of watching/listening to MST3K episodes when I’m focusing on work has been woven into my DNA at this point and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I’m basically a lost Deep 13 Experiment gone “MIA”…

What I’m Doing NOW to Master New Great Skills

I have good experience in applying my Anthropology background to dive deep into problems, asking questions when conducting research, put myself in the user’s shoes when assessing interfaces, and designing better interfaces and experiences for users.

Yet, in the past few years, I’ve become so inspired in looking at case studies and work examples from other UX professionals on how they present the more in-depth experience work and design thinking using tools like Figma, Sketch and Miro.

I believe it’s not enough to just be working only on UI designs, but to use the tools now available to show how I’ve solved design problems, asked questions from users in getting their feedback, incorporate feedback and to ensure that designs are Accessible and Inclusive too!

My current goal is to update my past work, ideas, projects-in-progress, design challenges and come up with effective and creative ways to communicate my critical thinking, design process and “thoughts buzzing around in my head” that would also be applicable to my case studies.

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Mastering Skills Requires Courses to Dive Into



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